49 Pictures of Sport at Perfect Timing

They are the business of a second, those moments among the most remarkable, embarrassing or hilarious ever photographed, that we offer sporting events. Whether you are a sports fan or not, these 25 sports shots with perfect timing will surely make you laugh.

The player was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A shot of lacrosse like that in the figure, it will necessarily leave traces. Fortunately, there is a plastic surgeon on the team.

1A rugby ball in the figure

Un ballon de rugby dans la figure

Few people have experienced the pain of a rugby ball received in the face. But this one did not have this chance. At the same time, rugby is a sport of beating and falling, so we hope it has good resistance to pain.

Impossible mission

Mission Impossible

Your mission, if you accept it, is to be an Olympic gymnast. This message will self-destruct in five, four, three, two, one-

Shock of Titans

Choc des titans

Everyone knows, mixed martial arts competitions are very brutal. MMA fighters train for years to put their opponents to pieces. No pieces flying in this photo, but look a little at the impact on the body of a single adjusted kick! We do not wish you to meet these guys.

Upside down

Sens dessus dessous

Gymnastics requires a foolproof concentration, as can be seen here.

That’s why we like volleyball

C’est pour ça qu’on aime le volley

Volleyball is one of the most watched games at the Olympics. We let you guess why.

Caught in the nose

Pris la main dans le nez

Even surrounded by thousands of spectators and multiple television cameras, we sometimes forget that we are observed. No luck for this naughty boy, whose posterity will keep the image of a beautiful fishing party.

Zen attitude

La zen attitude

Athletes must provide their best sporting performance on the day of the competition, and for this they need to be physically and mentally top. This athlete seems to have put a little too much on meditation if you ask me my opinion, but at least it seems to enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation.

Bungee jumping

Saut à l’élastique

Holding your opponent in an untimely manner is common in football. Here, it seems that this player is a little too attached to a player of the opposing team. But what are these T-shirts made of?



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